831 vtg Baby/Doll Carriage Decorative Blanket Pillow Case PINK w WHITE NET LACE

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#831 ***   I DO NOT LAUNDER  HAVE CLEANED  OR IRON   ***    OUT OF AN ESTATE CLEAN OUT ***   SELL AS I FOUND IT   ***   I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS ITEM EXCEPT FOR WHAT I SEE   ***   vintage Decorative Carriage SET  PINK NYLON  With WHITE NET LACE  25'' wide  x  30'' long HAS A 1 1/2'' NET LACE BORDER   PILLOW CASE  IS  16" x 12 " PLUS 1 1/2" Border  ***   SEE PHOTOS FOR   EXAMPLE OF ITEM & CONDITION    ***   all sizes are approx  and  may  vary  slightly    ***   some pictures were taken with a flash and appear brighter then in person  ***   PRE OWNED   ***   ALL ITEMS  ARE SUBJECT  TO  minor imperfections i may have missed  ***   AGE DISCOLORING  SPOT WARE  ( age scent )   ( stone discoloring if  any )                                                                                                                                                                                                                          IN  good  AS IS  condition    ***    SUBJECT TO  RIPS TEARS FOLDS CREASES   WARE     FADING   DISCOLORING  SCUFFS SCRATCHES DIRT  SPOTS   AGE SCENT  ETC & MINOR IMPERFECTIONS   I MAY  HAVE MISSED   PRE OWNED   ***   SEE PHOTO FOR CONDITION  ***   I Do COMBINE SHIPPING  WITH JUST ONE  HANDLING FEE OF $3.00   ***   ALL SHIPPING QUOTES  INCLUDE MY $3.00 HANDLING FEE   ***   SHIPPING COST  MAY CHANGE WITH MULTIPUE PURCHASES  DUE TO SIZE ANS WEIGHT   ***                                                                                   ^^^  SEE MY OTHER LISTING  @  lib_kat