Decal Vinyl Wall Date Sticker Decor Couple Art Home Removable Love Romantic DIY

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1. 100 % Vinyl Wall Sticker 
2. Non toxic and safe 
3. Easy to stick and are removable wtihout any damage to the surface but they are not reusable
4. Waterproof

Please pick a color that you like and leave us a note about it, otherwise default color will be BLACK.
The actual size of sticker is different that it shows on picture.
The size of Decals is between 22" by 22" and 22"by 40".

Decals can be used on any smooth surface like non textured walls, windows, digital gadgets, household appliances and etc. You can apply our decals on cars (hood, window and sides).
If you have any pictures that you would like to turn into decal please contact. 

1.    Ensure that your chosen surface is clean and dry.
2.    Peel away the backing paper so that the vinyl decal remains face down on the application tape. If the decal adheres to the backing paper, firmly press the decal onto the application tape before continuing with care.
3.    Carefully line up the decal before you press the application tape onto your chosen surface.
4.    Apply firm pressure to remove any air bubbles and to ensure that the decal adheres well.
5.    Starting in one corner, peel back the application tape carefully. If any part of the decal does not adhere to the surface, roll the tape back down and rub firmly before continuing to peel away.
6.    Your decal should now be stuck firmly to your chosen surface.