Vintage 1960’s White Cotton Embroidered Baby Crib Sheet and Pillow Cases Unused

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Adorable matching white 100% cotton crib sheet and pillow cases that I received as a gift for my baby in 1968.  He is now 51 years old!  I never used it, and it has been folded and stored ever since now, when I rediscovered it.  It has always been in a chemical, fragrance, smoke, and pet-free environment.  

The sheet is approximately 47" long and 33" wide.  One end is hemmed.  The same end is embroidered in white thread in a leaf and flower design (see pictures to get the idea).

The 2 pillow cases are approximately 17 1/2" long and 8 1/2”" wide.  They are open and hemmed at both ends, and both ends are embroidered in the same thread and design as the sheet. 

There are no rips, snags, holes or tears.  One of the pillow cases has a small brown spot in one corner that developed during storage (see photo).