Wall Stickers Cartoon Home Happy Elephant Decoration Living Room Bedrooms Decals

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Cartoon Wall Stickers

Category: Waterproof Removable Creative Wall Stickers Mural
Material: PVC
Pattern: Happy Elephant
Size: 60cm *90cm
Function: Antibacterial, anti-fouling, anti-static, removable, waterproof, green, beautify the decoration
Applicable space: Children's room, living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, balcony, study, smooth surface
Non-applicable range: Surface of gray dust, surface of pothole, surface of water drop, uneven wall surface
Product style description: As shown
◆ PVC translucent material, can be pasted on any background color of the walls, tiles, glass, furniture and other smooth material surface
◆The backing glue is a removable glue, which can be repeated and pasted many times.
◆ No need to transfer the film, paste it directly
Use reference:
(1). Make sure that the surface to be affixed is a smooth surface with bumps and folds. Do not paste.
(2). Select the location of the paste, clean the dust and grease stains on the surface to ensure the surface is dry and tidy.
(3). Make simple plans according to the order of pasting. Of course, you can DIY according to your own creativity.
(4). Paste the sticker gently and peel off the base paper without sticking the film. When pasting, stick the middle first and pave the left and right flat.